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The following want their name associated with supporting this dialogue within the Community of Christ.

Shaun Withrow

John Hamer

Brian Jackson

Alfredo Zelaya

Bryce Taylor

Dulce Shepherdson

Mark Shepherdson

John Morgan

Tiona Taylor

Danica Williams

David Donoghue

John Scherer

Donna Scherer

Kiera Shepherdson

Jordan Shepherdson

Pat Long

Peter Williams

Darryl Withrow

Bob Withrow

Ariel Withrow

Michelle Hanna

Brittany Savaille

Robert Smith

Bryce Huffman

Alexandra Oster

Wendy Williams

John Nichols

Lorne Soehner

Dianne Soehner

Cathy Baker

Christine Adamson

Gloria Oliver

Sam Moore

Serenity Morgan

Nancy Brookshaw

Sariah Rattana-Middleton

Claire Baker

Lynne Taylor

Heather Ellis

Bonnie Bolger

Anna Jean Bradley

Kathy Gabriel

John McIntosh

Lois McIntosh

Mark McIntosh

Zoe McIntosh

Kelly Manson

Bonnie Avery

Doreen Donoghue

Ron Donoghue

Rod Downing

Chris Phelps

Shannon McAdam

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